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US Senator John Cornyn on Immigration

Immigration and other issues plaguing the state brought Texas U-S senator John Cornyn to Amarillo today.

Marissa, senator cornyn spoke candidly about the issue of immigration and the three steps he says the government must take to protect our border. 

Cornyn says a major downfall in the system is lack of man power.

"I think we need to at least double the size of the border patrol. We have only about 10 or 12 thousand border patrol agents on a 2 thousand mile souther border now. There are more than 40 thousand police officers in new York city by comparison," says Cornyn.

He also spoke of the need for more technological advances and  benefiting from what scientific inventions are available.

"Things like night vision technology, ground based radar, unmanned airael vehicles in the light, to give our border patrol the force multiply that allows them to do their job," says Cornyn.

While he spoke about supporting border barriers in areas of high drug traffic. Cornyn says building a fence is simply not an option.

"I dont think we should pat ourselves on the back and suggest that we should build a fence and then pat our selves on the back and say good job we fixed it because we know people can go over, people can go around, people can go under," says Cornyn.

Senator Cornyn says he feels the issue needs to be solved to ensure US citizens that a change is coming.

"I think what's happened is people just don't trust the federal government, because it has promised a lot and has not delivered enough when it comes to border security and when it comes to enforcement," says Cornyn.

Cornyn acknowledged getting everyone on the same plan will be difficult, but he has faith there will be a resolution.

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