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Sen. John Cornyn in Amarillo

Farmers and ranchers in the area, had a chance to voice their opinion today, about the 2007 farm bill.

U.S. Senator John Cornyn came to Amarillo, to get input from West Texas producers. Hoping to take back the agricultural concerns expressed to Washington, as Congress prepares to make final decisions on the 2007 farm bill.

For five years producers in our area and across the state, have been working with the 2002 farm bill, but today was their chance to speak up about its flaws. Senator Cornyn says hearing from agricultural leaders about what they would like to see happen with this bill, is his main priority.

"We believe that the government is based on the consent of the governed, in other words my constituents and I are the ones who tell the government what to do. We don't take direction from a bunch of smart people in Washington D.C. Who think they know better than us what's good for us. So that's why its important for me as I travel the state to listen to my constituents." Cornyn said. 

While discussing issues important to West Texas, the meeting also focused on topics affecting the state, such as disaster relief plans and funding for agricultural energy projects.

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