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Raided motel back in business

Colonial Manor Motel, Raided on February 15, 2007 Colonial Manor Motel, Raided on February 15, 2007

Five months after federal agents raided a family-run motel in Amarillo, the family is back in business. Even though some of them are still behind bars.

We learned the Colonial Manor Motel has been accepting guests for several months now; while the U.S. Attorney's office confirms six members of the family that runs the place are headed to federal court next month. And some of them are still locked up.

Federal agents and other officers swarmed the motel last February to crack a suspected meth ring.  A man who calls himself a friend of the owner, says the place may be open now, but the business isn't the same. "Now it's like a few cars parked there, and sometimes it's nothing, " notes Penn Thinakone. Says the Laotian community is not the same either. "I was shocked you know, like freaking, never thought stuff gonna happen like that. We kinda miss him because he was a nice guy."

Authorities claim the Phengsengkham family distributed between 20-30 pounds of meth a month. More than a dozen other defendants are set to be tried with them next month in federal court for charges related the drug bust. APD lieutenant Erick Bohannon tells me since that raid on the family motel, meth crimes have dropped significantly in Amarillo.

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