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Debris on Amarillo Roads

You may have noticed more trash and debris on Amarillo roads. A problem TxDOT says is quickly becoming their biggest issue in trying to keep streets clean.

We saw everything from basketballs to paint buckets on the side of the road. A potential hazard as drivers fly by at 70 miles per hour.

Drivers we spoke with say the they should not have to pay to clean up other peoples trash.

"It would be nice if people put it where it belong instead of paying people to pick it up."says Local Driver Randy Bailey.

Most debris is thought to have come from improperly strapped down items or loose trash in cars.

"Its just whatever is in the back of the truck falls out on the road." says James Gitchell with Amarillo Windshields Unlimited .

"Mainly on I-40 and major roads you see quite a bit of trash and old tires, just stuff that looks like it has fallen out of the back of a vehicle. I see it everyday" Bailey said.

With the recent increase in road debris, sometimes the obstruction can sit on the road for hours, causing damage to cars and drivers.

Even though you may have missed the debris in the road, the person in front of you or beside of you could run over something like this metal strap and and send it straight into your windshield.

 "We've actually seen them, not all the time, but some times, where they actually come into the vehicle. We've seen them where they have gone through and actually put the person in the hospital due to bolts that have come through and hit people in the chest. So it can be very dangerous "Gitchell said.

TxDOT experts say they are working to keep streets clear and have hired contracting companies to ensure that all roads in Amarillo are covered.

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