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Job Corps could help overcome TAKS

Failing the TAKS test sent 40,000 Texas students home without a diploma this year, but a little-known program could offer them a second chance at making the grade. We learned plenty of young people in the panhandle are eligible for the Job Corps; Whether they ran into trouble on the TAKS, or just want a shot at a better future.

Job Corps is a national program that provides a free education and job placement for about 66,000 people a year.  In just a few weeks high school dropout Cooper Barrow will be headed for culinary training and a diploma.  "I mean I had no future before and this is gonna give me a future career. Something where I can make real money and have a real life."

Here are some of the basic requirements to qualify: you must be sixteen to 24 years old with no history of felonies and at least six months of a clean criminal record. "Most of the time you go to college it's a fourteen year payback on college loans. These kids get out, they have no loans, they're not in debt at all. It's all free," notes admissions counselor Bob Spies.

Area teacher Barbara Winston adds, "if you have not passed the TAKS this is an opportunity for you to get your diploma in spite of the taks, you can still go ahead and graduate." Zach Kysar says it's an opportunity he could not find anywhere else. "They have job placement. They actually have a career waiting for you afterwards." Winston emphasizes "this is the best well kept secret and if you don't take advantage of it, your nuts.  Completely."

The Job Corps takes applications in Amarillo every week.  To make an appointment, you can call 372-5521.  Or click on the link below to find out if you're eligible.

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