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City commissioners considering red light cameras

Cameras may soon be capturing your every move on the road in downtown Amarillo.

City commissioners are considering the installation of red light cameras at various intersections.

The main motivation is to insure safety, but some are concerned about the invasion of privacy.

"Your driving on a public street and there are traffic laws you are not supposed to run a red light so to take a picture of someone breaking this law I do not think is a violation of privacy it's actually protection to the public," says Vicki Covey, Director/Community Services 

The cameras capture a picture of a vehicles license plate when it runs a red light.

You are then sent a $75 fine in the mail which is less than if a cop pulled you over for the same violation.

No immediate action has been taken by the commissioners.

They say more time is needed for further consideration because of all the costs involved.

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