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Hedley Senior Center in Need

Nell and D.W. Nell and D.W.

Time is running out for seniors in Hedley, trying to save their community center.

NewsChannel 10 spoke with members about why the center's doors could soon be shut for good.

You can always find Nell and D.W. at the Hedley center, the place that has brought so many memories, they fear, could soon be gone.

"I'd hate to see it close." Nell Gray said. "Very much so." D.W. Swain said. "There is several elderly people that get out and go somewhere else, so this means a lot to them." Gray said.

While optimistic, they are not the only regulars worried about the future.

Regular Helen Lamberson said, "We dont have anything except the senior citizens center and we really really need it"

One of the main supports for keeping the center up and running is the meals they serve.Every weekday 50 to 75 lunches are handed out. Including delivering to more than 20 elderly residents who cannot leave their home.

"Some of our little people this may be the only meal that they get in the day," Kathy Spier who works for the center said.

While people pour into the building everyday to eat lunch the building itself is actually falling apart. One of the main reasons the center is struggling to survive. Bad wiring, slanted floors, even a leaky roof. All factors contributing to mounting cost the organization is trying to battle.

"The building is a hundred years old and it is absolutely falling apart. It has been repaired and repaired and repaired and its just not going to be repaired much more. The insulation and everything is so bad that our electric bills and gas bills are so high, and that really hurts" Patsy Spier, Director of the center said.

Spier says they will continue hosting fund raisers and trying to cut cost but they need help.

For more information or to donate call 806-856-0143.

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