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TAKS Test A Thing Of The Past?

The TAKS test's days are numbered for some Texas classrooms. A law passed this year will replace the test for high school students with exit exams in 2011.

But for some, that's not soon enough. A local leader and parents we spoke with suggest the temptation for teachers to help students cheat on the TAKS is clear. It comes from the high stakes nature of a test where poor student performance could flunk a teacher's job.  "It may be indicative of some of the pressures and we need to look and see if the pressures are extraordinary or unnecessary and to a degree they are."

Seliger says the TAKS is so flawed it should have been replaced a long time ago. Some parents tell us they now feel more strongly opposed cheating incident has bolstered their opposition to TAKS. "It should not have been done. But I see where the pressure is coming from.

I understand that, I can empathize with the pressure but I do think it was wrong."  While Seliger notes there's no excuse for cheating, he does expect future exit exams to take the pressure off teachers over job security based on student performance.

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