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TAKS Test Leak Stopped

He wanted to help Amarillo students cheat on the TAKS test, because he says they deserved it. An investigation into former AISD teacher David Tamez revealed that he told some Amarillo teachers what the writing prompt would be on the fourth grade test.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg explains how the leak did not invalidate hundreds of tests taken this spring.

According to an investigation by the Texas Education Agency Tamez obtained the info by serving on a committee of educators who help decide which questions make it onto the test. But it was the Amarillo teachers who heard what he said - who brought the leak to light.

"This proves our staff has integrity. They had info knowing whether it was correct or not. They could've shared it, but they had prepared their students well and didn't feel the need," says Rod Schroder, the Superintendent of AISD.

Those teachers reported the leak to the district in February, within days Schroder says Tamez admitted to it. Since students were never tipped off to the prompt, their tests remain valid - and Tamez resigned.

"We interviewed him twice and he felt nervous and that it would be best for the district if he just left," says Schroder.

And the TEA cleared the school district of any wrongdoing. Tamez claimed this sort of information is smuggled out to school districts across Texas all the time. Both Schroder and the TEA dispute that, but the agency is looking into it.

"He claims this is a behavior he's observed, I've never had a teacher come back to me from a TEA curriculum meeting saying that's going on," says Schroder. 

Schroder says Tamez worked for the district for several years as a curriculum support teacher. There is one such teacher assigned to each campus, to help prepare students for the TAKS test.

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