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Testing For West Nile

Right now is prime time for West Nile to hit the area. That's why some people working with West Texas A&M are testing mosquitoes with special carbon dioxide light traps.

It's important to start now because one human case of West Nile has been confirmed this year in southern Texas. A few horse cases have also been confirmed in the state. So far our area is in the clear but officials want to be prepared. Starting this week and for the rest of the summer a doctor and grad students with WTAMU will use traps all over the Canyon area.

Dr. Greta Schuster will put dry ice in a container which gives of carbon dioxide and attracts mosquitoes.  A fan pushes them into a net and traps them. Schuster then takes the mosquitos back to a lab and identifies what kind they are. Then she sends them to Austin where someone will determine if they have the West Nile Virus.

She says it's an important step to help keep people and horses safe, especially this year since the area received so much rain which brings out all the mosquitos.

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