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APD Should Crackdown on Immigration

Some people in Amarillo say they'd not only like to see more immigration raids, but a crackdown by local police. We found out how some local people want to give police more power to fight immigration crime. 

Not everyone wanted to show their faces but they did want to share their ideas about controlling illegal immigration. "Our police should have the right to take care of who they're dealing with at the time. They shouldn't have to call in somebody else to come in and take care of it," says Dawn Thompson.

Corporal Brian Thomas tells us legal status is not something Amarillo police officers routinely check on people. But if they arrest someone for a crime and discover that person's illegal, they alert ICE or border patrol. Some suggest Amarillo police should have the authority to inspect workplaces for illegals. "Authority that's like the gestapo authority no, but "hi I'd like to check and make sure your legal" because we really need to have some rules," suggests Deborah Morgan.

Amarillo police don't have the authority to arrest someone soley based on legal status. That's up to ICE and border patrol agents.

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