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Health Watch

Obesity may have nothing to do with a weak willpower or overeating...

In fact if you find yourself overweight, you could be addicted to food.

That's just one issue we look into for you in tonight's healthwatch ten report.



it's not eating to's the love of food.

Nutritionists tell us for compulsive eaters, who for the most part are obese, the drive to eat is so intense it is difficult to practice self-control.

Just like drugs and alcohol, compulsive eating then interferes with their well being and health...becoming an addiction.


if your teenager is not eating enough fruit and fish, they could soon develop serious lung problems like asthma.

To combat this, make sure your teen is eating nuts and foods cooked in vegetable oil which both contain vitamin e...and doctors suggest fruits with a heavy dose of vitamin c.


and eating tomatoes to fight cancer may not be working.

The f-d-a says tonight there is no credible evidence that shows ingesting lycopene, the pigment that gives tomatoes their bright red color, cuts the risk of any kind of cancer.

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