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Joint Alliance For Students

John Allen Scofield John Allen Scofield
Stan Scofield, Founder of "JAS" Stan Scofield, Founder of "JAS"

Drinking and drugs, two big problems teens more than likely face at one point in their life. One local man knows all too well the dangers of drugs since his son died from an overdose less than two years ago. 

Now he wants to help other teens from making the same mistake. It's called the "Joint Alliance for Students" or JAS for short and it is aimed to help kids by offering support and guidance to one another by dealing with the peer pressure of trying drugs and alcohol.

Stan Scofield is the founder of JAS which is also the initials of his son, John Allen Scofield. He died when he was only twenty years old from a drug overdose. 

Stan says if his son would have had support from his friends, he may have never turned to drugs, that's why he decided to start up the organization.

"Our kids want to live a happy, successful life but the drugs that are being brought in the street are taking that dream away from there, so we have to give them those dreams back,"says Scofield.

The organization will be made up entirely of students wanting to make a difference by staying alcohol and drug free.

For more information, you can contact Stan Scofield at 806-674-4004 or by email at

You can also search JAS_89 on Myspace for more on the organization.

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