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Arson at Horace Mann Middle

It caused several hundred thousand dollars worth of damage and now investigators say the fire at Horace Mann Middle School was intentionally set.  Investigation continues into what exactly happened the night of the fire.

NewsChannel 10 spoke with Amarillo Fire Marshal Terry McKinney, and he says that the investigation is continuing and no other information will be given at this time.  Fire crews responded to the school just before midnight on Wednesday.  The school suffered heavy damage in the administrative offices.

Time is running out to repair and clean-up the middle before school starts in August.  AISD's School Board selected a construction company to fix the structural damage to the administrative offices in the school.  They are also taking bids for a clean-up crew to start on the rest of the building which is covered in soot.

"The main thing that affected classrooms is smoke, so there will be plenty of time to clear out smoke and soot from classrooms so we feel like classes will be able to resume as normal," says Les Hoyt, the Assistant Superintendent of Administration.

The board says that the district will pick up part of those costs when they pay the deductible, then the insurance will reimburse them for any money spent on repairs.

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