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Security key locks kids out of computers

Scott Erwin, computer technician Scott Erwin, computer technician

Your kids might be savvy enough to sneak through internet barriers, but a new security key promises to keep them locked out of sites you don't want them to see. NewsChannel 10 found out how it works and what makes some local parents skeptical about it.

Jessie Parker admits she doesn't know as much about computers as her fourteen-year-old daughter. A new device could make moms like her more comfortable about kids' safety on the internet.

"It's a usb key that physically denies access rather than the software boundaries that the kids are figuring out how to get past," says computer technician Scott Erwin.

The security key looks like a flash drive and fits into any normal USB port.  Just like starting a car, you can't start your computer without the key. 

Erwin notes the key is far safer than password protectors and other programs that some whiz kids know how to crack. But Parker has her reservations. She wants her daughter to know she trusts her judgment. And thinks keeping a computer under lock and key would undermine that trust.

Parker's also not convinced the key is foolproof. "Who's to say they ain't already figured out a way around this key?" she asks.  Parker insists there's no substitute for simply keeping an eye on your child every time she's online.

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