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Increase Coming For Cable Boxes

Cable subscribers in Amarillo and the High Plains could possibly pay more for cable services.

Beginning this September, it may cost you more for digital cable because of a new TV set receiver required by the FCC.

Newschannel 10 spoke with a representative with SuddenLink Communications and they say there are no improvements to the new receiver. Suddenlink officials will determine if a possible cost increase is necessary.

If you currently have the set-top box for digital cable, you will be grandfathered in and you won't have to purchase a new receiver.

Beginning July 1st, all cable carriers in the U.S. must make customers purchase new set-top boxes. SuddenLink filed for an extension, so their changes will not take place until September 1st. SuddenLink says they are not sure exactly how much the price will increase for the customer.

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