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8-Liner Busts Across Amarillo

Four 8-liner raids in Amarillo puts thousands in cash and more than 100 gambling machines in the hands of Potter County officials. And new tonight - one man is behind bars in connection with the raids.

Around 3 o'clock we we're tipped off to the raids. We hunted down the law enforcement teams executing the raids, to find out that today's events were the latest in a 5-month investigation to shut down these illegal gambling spots.

Load them up and haul them off. For the fifth time this year, Potter County is putting 8-liner businesses out-of-business.

"When we run raids a lot of them will shut down and then when they think the heat is off they'll open back up," says Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley.

It takes the county time because it's getting trickier to locate where the illegal activity is going on.

"We're seeing more and more of these places opt for a low key approach to try and avoid law enforcement attention," says Brumley.

Like this used furniture store... At least that's what it looks like it is. Really it's where 81 gambling machines were confiscated today. One woman who works nearby says the place has been running illegal slot machines for 7 or 8 months, and they've been awarding customers with cash. So the county had to be just as clever to find them.

"We have to use the resources we have to get someone on the inside who can gather evidence and watch what goes on and can give us and idea of how business is being done," says Brumley.

Raids also went down at establishments off Hastings and South Western.  It will take a few days for the county to tally up everything that was hauled off in the raids.

Curtis Fowler of Amarillo is behind bars at the Randall County Jail on a federal hold. He was arrested by the FBI and is charged with establishing a gambling place. He will be arraigned Friday.

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