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People in Cactus take chances crossing intersection

People in Cactus are still taking chances tonight; even after three people have now died this year trying to cross near the Swift plant intersection.

Our cameras were rolling while about a dozen people crossed highway 287 near the Swift plant within half an hour Tuesday.

Swift workers tell us some of them don't have transportation and have no choice but to get to work on foot.  While changes to that intersection are possible, one official says it may be best to leave things alone.

Texas Department of Transportation spokesman Paul Braun notes "we might cause more problems by putting something in there. It's just something that has to be looked at very carefully when you're dealing with that amount of vehicles going through there at that speed and the amount of people that are trying to cross that roadway."

Braun says he's not sure how soon any changes would happen at the intersection, if they happen at all.

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