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Area Blood Shortage - Your Help is Needed

When there are injuries, there's often a need for blood.

But right now some of the most common types of blood... are running dangerously low.

A short supply of blood is never good when a holiday rolls around...

That's why the Coffee Memorial Blood Center is urging you to donate.

The seats are sparse...

Donations are dipping...

And that's why Candy Thornton and her mom - Lynn Anthony - often come out.

Today, is extra special.

"Today's my birthday I'm 21 of course," says Anthony. 

Giving the gift of life... on a day that's all about giving and receiving.

"You just never know, if you're gonna need it or family's gonna need it," says Thornton. 

And her family did need it.

Her grandfather... who also rolled up his sleeve regularly.

"End of his life really sick and needed him a few pints to keep him going for a little longer. He's gone now but he needed it so and it was there," she says. 

"Blood is always needed ... it puts us in a tough spot most of the summer," says Suzanne Talley, with the blood center. 

A tough spot that candy and lynn are helping to ease...

But they can't be the only ones.

"If everyone would just donate one time of year we would not have any blood shortages," she says.

The most immediate blood types needed right now -- o positive and o negative...

Now, the center will be closed for the fourth.

But you can definitely stop by thursday from eight to seven.

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