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Couples taking fewer trips down the aisle

Young couples across the country are taking fewer trips down the aisle.  That's according to the Pew Research Center's latest survey.

NewsChannel 10 found out why one Amarillo pair has put off tying the knot indefinitely.  Jolene Olivarez is making tortillas for her live-in boyfriend; she's also carrying his child.  The Pew Research Center reports one in three U.S. mothers are in the same situation. Olivarez notes the arrangement has its advantages, "Getting to know myself, getting to know each other, getting to know people in his family, people in my family." 

One Amarillo lawyer suggests staying legally single is more appealing because it makes breakups less messy. "People want to avoid having to go through that procedure or avoid losing potentially half their stuff," says attorney John Atkins.

Olivarez notes,"we don't have like legal matters to think about to worry us more to bring us more down."  Olivarez says the convenience of cohabitation for unmarried couples will probably lead more people to put off wedding bells in the future.  While she notes she'd be happy to marry her boyfriend some day,  she's not depending on it.

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