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Bogus DPS E-Mail Circulating

A bogus e-mail is circulating around the internet claiming new driving laws to be enforced by DPS Troopers.

The e-mail claims that beginning this month, among other laws, all cell phones must be "hands-free" when you are driving on Texas highways.

The e-mail also says DPS Troopers will be specifically looking for drivers breaking this law.

Officials in our area say this is not true, and that this e-mail is "completely false and inaccurate."


Here is a list of other "new" laws claimed on the bogus e-mails sent to us from an Amarillo DPS Spokesman:

1. There will be a $1,068.50 charge for violating the carpool lane. For the 2nd offense, the fine will be doubled, tripled for the 3rd offense, and your license will be suspended for the 4th violation.

2. There will be a $380 fine for incorrect lane changes.

3. If you block an intersection, you will be fined $480.

4. Driving on the shoulder - $480.

5. Cell phone use in a construction zone - Fine doubles and must be "hands-free."

6. Passengers over 18 not in their seatbelts - both passenger and driver get ticketed.

7. Speeders can only drive 3 miles an hour over the speed limit.

8. DWI = Jail

9. Cell phones must be "hands-free" while driving - $285 fine. DPS Troopers will be looking for this like crazy. Easy money for the police departments. 

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