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Enrollment Increase At Texas Private Schools

Many Texas students are already getting prepared for the next school year...by enrolling in private schools.

One of the big stresses for hundreds of thousands of Texas public school students---the TAKS test, that's why many parents are now enrolling their kids in private schools where the current state mandated test is not required.

"I calculated that we spent approximately six weeks testing the students, being pre tested, practiced, field or actually taking the test, so I felt like we lost about a six week of instruction," says Doug Rice, Ascension Academy. That's one of the reasons Doug Rice is glad to now be a private school principal instead of working for public schools and why his daughter attends private school as well.

"She stressed over the taks test, it stressed her out a lot and bringing her to private school was one of the best things we ever did for her educationally because it's not as stressful. Her level of math has increased, everything has increased because she doesn't have that stress," says Rice.

Fifteen year old Allison Gray also does not have that stress anymore. "In sixth and seventh grade, I went to public school and I had to take the TAKS test and we basically spent the months before the taks preparing for it and then after we did nothing," says Allison.

Now she says she learns everything and that's why she and her father recommend others look into private schools. "I really wish for all of those kids and parents that they were not so locked in to having to do well on one single test instead learning everything they need to learn," says Larry Gray.

Although there are other reasons that factor into the enrollment increase at private schools,   Principal rice says many parents express their concern about the TAKS test even though it will be replaced in 2011.

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