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Travel Trouble Up this Year

We always welcome wet weather...

But it's actually become a nuisance for some air travelers lately.

Weather issues, packed airports, full flights...

All of this is causing travel trouble for some air passengers.

11-year old Shyler Johnson is about to embark a big journey...

"This is my first time flying," he says. 

He's headed off to washington state to visit his aunt for the 4th.

But he's already running into issues with his flight.

"30 minutes delayed," he says. 

And he's not alone.

"It's delayed at least a half an hour."

"They have advised us when we got in there could be delays up to 45 minutes based on the weather," says Richard Barker, who's flying to Atlanta.

According to Scott Carr, the airport manager, "weather certainly does affect cancelations ... flights are full, when we have delays and cancelations that does compound the problem."

In fact, according to experts... cancelations are up this year across the industry.

But so is travel.

"Traffic has exceeded pre 9/11 numbers," says Carr.

And with the holiday, it could get much busier in the skies.

For first time passenger Shyler Johnson...

"I'm glad to be on a plane and just go out of town," he says.

He's, well, gonna look past the flying frustrations...

After all he's only 11.

Airport officials say if you're flying... try to remain flexible and patient.

And as always, arrive early.

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