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Space Shuttle stops in Amarillo

Dathan Galloway, a local spectator Dathan Galloway, a local spectator

Amarillo in the spotlight as the space shuttle Atlantis made its first ever and very unexpected stop in the city. Hundreds of people were drawn to the sight and so were we. 

The shuttle began its cross-country mission to get to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Then it was on to the Panhandle and Sunday night, it's in Nebraska. 

The shuttle visited Amarillo's Rick Husband International Airport for about two hours and that was plenty of time for people to come out and see a piece of history.

Not a bird, plane, or even superman, but the space shuttle Atlantis had hundreds keeping their eyes to the sky. 

"There's a space shuttle on an airplane and I get to see it, I've never seen it before, I've never seen a real one in real life," says Dathan Galloway, a local spectator.

"I think it's awesome. We're so blessed to live here and have this experience to share with our kids," says Tonia Hittson, another onlooker.

The shuttle first landed on June 22nd in the golden state after a fourteen day mission in space to continue building the international space station.

"Because the weather was real bad in Florida so it landed in California, then they strapped it on to the airplane and then they're going to take off," says Dathan Galloway.

Leave California, then refuel at the Amarillo airport, eventually ending the trip at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

"It's great, great for Amarillo because we never see it except for on TV, think it's just wonderful," says Fred Vitela, who went out to see the shuttle.

The airport manager tells us not only the weather factored into the shuttle landing in the city but also the runway at the Rick Husband International Airport is close to the same length as the one at the Kennedy Space Center.

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