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Fireworks Sales Skyrocket

Kris McGilliard Kris McGilliard

Profits are exploding at area fireworks stands, and vendors say customers are shelling out close to double the cash they did last year. NewsChannel 10's Tina Berasley talked to some local vendors. 

Vendors only have ten days to sell the explosives under Texas law, and just a few days in, many are already doing better than they did last Independence day. 

Kris McGilliard has operated her fireworks stand for 7 years. She said "We work ten days hard and straight and sit out here with all this stuff, watch the rain take everything away and then go on vacation the end of July."

She may complain about damage to her stand from recent heavy thunderstorms, but she admits the rain is a blessing in disguise.A wet spring is causing customers to come more often and spend more money, because compared to last year the threat of grass fires is lower.

Joshua Ryan Garcia says sales are way up. "We definitely sold a bunch more, probably double more already thus far than we have in the last year definitely. The dry spell we had really killed us a lot," says Garcia.

Under the Garcia family's contract with their supplier they get to keep a twenty percent commission on their sales, and this year the profits could be sky high. They hope to sell all of the 48 thousand dollars worth of inventory they bought last weekend.  

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