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Amarillo Airport Security

Kyla Taylor Kyla Taylor
Kevin Herbet Kevin Herbet

Tonight, Amarillo's Rick Husband International Airport is taking extra steps to keep its passengers safe.

Officials tell us they are making their presence known to insure passenger safety.

"We're increasing foot patrols, throughout the terminal building, as well as our parking garage, as well as curb side," Manager Scott Carr said.

We spoke with a passenger who was not aware of the attack in Scotland when she boarded the plane this morning, but she says she felt the presence of more security and more officers on patrol.

"Phoenix, they're carrying guns in Phoenix, and its on the outside where they can see, before you even get toward the planes or anywhere towards that," Kyla Taylor said.

Other passengers we spoke with say they would like to see more officers at the Amarillo airport.

Kevin Herbet said, "I kind of expected it, and it wouldn't bother me to have more security, i think it might have been a good idea."

Government officials say there is no plan to increase the security alert level in the U.S. at this time. Local airport officials tell us if that does happen they will increase personnel to guard the facility.

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