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Community Clean Up Project

Some members of the community say they are tired of seeing trash on their streets, so they are taking a stand against it.

The east side of Amarillo is littered with debris, and neither homes or businesses are safe from the graffiti that lines the streets.

Today, some members of the community picked up trash, painted walls, and mowed empty lots in hopes of sending a message they will no longer ignore the problem.

"If you see a lot of trash pick it up, and if you keep it up and keep it up eventually it stops. Just like this graffiti the minute it shows up, cover it up, and if you do it enough times it will stop," said V.C. Smtih, a local volunteer.

Clean up crews focused attention on southeast 8th, 9th and 10th streets. They say they felt those areas where the most affected by graffiti and trash.

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