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Petition to start in Pampa

Jerry Parmer, a disabled Pampa resident Jerry Parmer, a disabled Pampa resident
David Hutto, Started Petition David Hutto, Started Petition

Crippled by property taxes... That's how some seniors in Pampa feel like after recent increases in home appraisals. Now they want their property taxes capped to even out the hike.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg found out what they're doing in hopes of cutting their costs.

A petition calling for an election to let voters decide if there should be a property tax ceiling for the elderly and disabled, is at the printers. For those relying on social security, it's just what the doctor ordered.

"When you're on a fixed income you can't allow for increases. If you do you can't pay for medicine or doctors visits it makes it very hard," says Jerry Parmer, a disabled Pampa resident.

"A lot of people live within narrow range, and a couple hundred dollar bump really throws things to squeeze," says David Hutto, who is drafting the petition.

Hutto says it's a squeeze he can no longer afford with the recent property appraisal increase. So he contacted Bill Sumerford who spearheaded the effort that froze taxes in Amarillo last November. And so far he says it should be a hit in Pampa.

"Just did a survey around town to get a feeling of the people, and absolutely no negatives, everyone thinks it's the thing to do," says Hutto.

Pampa City Manager John Horst says if the economy continues to grow the loss of taxes from the elderly and disabled residents won't be felt... But if things start to go the other way...

"If our economy became stagnant again and the property values started to decline like they did 20 years ago, losing population, then it could be a real problem," says Horst.

Hutto hopes to have the petition out to the public by the middle of next week. He needs 800 signatures to present it to the City and Gray County for consideration.

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