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Sunscreen Not Protecting?

Lathering up in the sun maybe doing you no good. That's if you are using the wrong sunscreen. 

An independent study found that out of 700 sunscreens tested 87% of those were not protecting like they claimed.

Brandie Via was shocked when she found out the sunscreen she was using was not fully protecting her family. She says she trusted what it said on the label. "Since it says that he is being protected you know, "now I know he's not being protected from the sun" she said.

She says she bought a high SPF sunscreen thinking it was the best.

Dr. Eliane Cook said,"The SPF number you see on a sunscreen is related to the UVB protection."

Not the UVA protection the sunscreen contains. Experts say there are key that ingredients alert parents that those sunscreens will protect against both types of UV rays.

"What you want to look for in a sunscreen is you want to look for what is called a broad spectrum sunscreen that protect against both UVA & UVB, and the ingredients that will do that is zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobezone, or mexoryl" Dr. Cook says.

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