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Scams- BBB Says Huge Problem In the Area

You could be out thousands of dollars if you fall for a scam that's spreading through the area like wildfire.

The Better Business Bureau says scam artists will send you a check with a letter telling you, you won a lottery. They tell you to deposit the check and then send them money to pay for fees and taxes.  After that they are supposed to mail you your winnings. They never do, plus the check they sent you bounces.   BBB officials say the checks look real but are fake.  They say if you get one in the mail rip it up and throw it away or call the BBB at 379-6222.

There is another scam continuing to affect people in the area.  A Borger women speaks out today after she says her father came very close to becoming a scam victim. Crystal Bassham says they told him tele-marketers took money from his bank account and they wanted to put it back.  Bassham says the criminals had hoped he would give them his bank account information so they could take his money. The BBB says never give out any personal information over the phone.

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