Amusement Park Safety

Mickey Tirado, Splash Amarillo Lifeguard
Mickey Tirado, Splash Amarillo Lifeguard
Paul Borchardt, Wonderland Park Manager
Paul Borchardt, Wonderland Park Manager

270-million people will visit an amusement park this summer. But, with recent headlines of tragic injuries and accidents some are questioning the safety of theme parks.

On Thursday a 13 year old girl's feet were cut off while she was on a Six Flags ride in Kentucky. Six people in Arkansas were hospitalized after being stuck on a ride, hanging upside down for more than 4 hours.

On average experts estimate seven thousand park-goers will be treated for injuries. Newschannel 10's Alex Tomlin has tips on how to stay safe this summer.

Everyone should be on alert at theme parks, so you can recognize the key signs when something is not right.

"Make sure that there is an attendant or park employee at the attraction they are going on," said Mickey Tirado, Splash Amarillo Lifeguard.

Experts say how well maintained a park is, is a good reflection of how safe their rides are and whether or not they are being maintained regularly.

"It should be kept up to date, if you see cracks or anything that looks out of the ordinary, definitely question before you even attempt to go on. Don't assume that anything is safe," said Mickey Tirado, Splash Amarillo Lifeguard.

Experts also advise listening to employees of the park, and knowing what kind of ride you and your family are getting on.

"Do listen to the ride operators when they instruct you what to do, how to ride the ride, and watch the ride before you get on it, so you know what you are getting yourself into," said Paul Borchardt, Wonderland Park Manager.

So far there have been no reported injuries from theme parks in Amarillo.

One more tip, always set up a meeting place in the park so if you and your family get separated, everyone knows where to go.