Body Found on I-40


The body of a 19-year old man found in the middle of the highway.

The body was found just after midnight east of the Western Street exit in the east bound lanes of I-40. NewsChannel 10's Alex Tomlin interviewed an eyewitness.

On top of a  bridge that straddles western street he was lying in the middle of the road, apparently run over several times. Police say they believe the man was headed north on foot, trying to cross the highway when he was first hit.

We spoke with an eyewitness who says he accidentally ran over the man after he had already been struck.

"We were in the middle lane when we hit him. We ran over something, and my friend immediately said, oh that looked like part of a body, it looked like an arm. I could tell it was a body when i saw it on the stretcher but we didn't get to see to much of it before we hit it, because it happened so fast,"said the eyewitness.

Police told him at the scene, the body had been drug more than 100 yards.

"They had most of this area blocked off just trying to make sure they picked everything up"

Police say it was heavily raining at the time of the accident. They are waiting to release the victims name till after his family is notified.