Grieving Kids Treated to Special Summer Camp

Allison Rankin
Allison Rankin

Panhandle children dealing with the loss of a loved one are spending the weekend with others who feel that same pain. Newschannel10's Tina Berasley tells us what one organization is doing to help local kids deal with tragedy.

The Odyssey health care group is sponsoring 80 children from the panhandle at this summer's "Sky Camp". It has all the outdoor activities you'd expect to see like obstacle courses, swimming, and campfires, but this camp is different.

The kids, ages 7-17, have all lost a friend or family member in the past few years, and so their weekend also includes grief counseling.

Camp Coordinator Allison Rankin said, "It really makes a big difference in the kid's lives. If we get them now when their young we hope that their grief is being taken care of now and that they can learn to work through it. So that when they're adults they don't have problems with grief."

In the ten years that this unique camp has existed here in the panhandle, the group has never turned a camper away.

For more information on Sky Camp at Ceta Canyon, call the Odyssey Health Care Group at 806-372-7696.