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Video Game Addiction

Zach Summers Zach Summers
Martin Sauer, Child Therapist Martin Sauer, Child Therapist

It could keep you up alone, late at night, behind closed doors, isolated from family and friends. The culprit is video games, and now one medical group wants to have some gamer's heavy habits classified as an addiction. Newschannel10's Tina Berasley did some research. 

19 year old Zach Summers of Amarillo admits he spends about half of his free time playing video games.

"It takes your mind off things that are real. You just play them and its all fantasy, you can pretty much do whatever you want," said Summers.

He thinks quitting his habit would be easy, but one medical group says that may not be the case for some. 

Like Summers, many young people spend hours in front of the TV playing these video games and the AMA says more than 5 million may be clinically addicted to gaming. 

Child Therapist Martin Sauer says, "They experience withdrawal when they dont have access and irritability and so on that they spend way too much time thinking about the game thinking about when they're gonna play it...I have kids who the only metaphor they have to describe anything in their lives is through video games."

The report suggests an addiction to gaming should be considered a clinical disorder. They say that would allow kids affected to get help through medical insurance.

The AMA may vote on how to handle the report's findings early next week.

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