Morning After Pill Denied

Dr. Brian Eades
Dr. Brian Eades

Rape victims are being denied a form of health care by some emergency room doctors, across the county and here in the panhandle. Doctors are saying no to emergency contraceptive.

An emergency contraceptive must be given within 72 hours to keep a woman from conceiving. But some doctors say they won't prescribe the pill to patients because it violates their religious beliefs.

A local hospital is turning rape victims away when they ask for the pill. Something they are not required to give.

"All medical providers, whether nurses or physicians really should never be asked to do anything that is against their conscience" Dr. Brian Eades said.

Though they do not have to supply the medication, they do have to legally tell a women where to get emergency contraceptive. But some claim health care providers aren't making that information readily available.

"They will give it only if you ask, they wont tell you to take it," Claudia Stavato, of Planned Parenthood said. Stravato also says she would rather give the pill to women, than force them to have an unwanted pregnancy. "I don't want to judge people and I don't think emergency room physicians should."

In Amarillo, women can get the pill from Planned Parenthood or their personal doctor.