Ex Cop Selling Secrets

A former Texas cop is now selling tips to help drug dealers smuggle narcotics.

Stashing drugs in hidden compartments, confusing narcotic sniffing dogs, this man says he can teach you how to outwit the police.

An undercover drug officer for the Randall County Task Force said, "they have always tried to come up with new and better ways to hide narcotics and illegal substances from the law, we just have to stay a step ahead of them and try and find out what those are and we do a pretty good job of it as a whole."

A recovering addict says after her 30 years on the streets she knows these tricks won't work ,"it's just a matter of time, it just a matter of time" "they'll get caught"

Randall County Drug Task Force officers say they have been monitoring the site for a while and what the ex-cop is selling is nothing but lies.