Wellington Wind Damage

Hurricane force winds blew through one area town leaving a huge mess.

NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente spent the day in Wellington. "Quite a few power lines down, roofs off buildings, bus barn lost half of it, lost warehouse to our cotton gin,"says Sheriff Joe Stewart.

All caused by seventy five miles per hour winds that swept through Wellington Tuesday night. 
"Oh boy, it was bad, my daughter stayed with me then went and locked the doors because I was afraid," says Ruby White, a long time Wellington resident.

"Worried yes, but not scared seen quite a bit but nothing quite like that," says Sheriff Stewart. 
The sheriff says crews began working to restore power as soon as the storm passed. 
"It was really, really scary, no lights, not telephone, no nothing," says Beulah Powell, a Wellington resident.

Power has now been restored but there is still a lot to clean up. Fortunately, there were no injuries. "Glad no one was hurt," says Stewart. "Thank God for no damage on my house," says White.