Returning Vets Find Few Jobs in Amarillo

Julian Mirelez, Former Marine
Julian Mirelez, Former Marine

Some veterans returning home from war are facing another battle when it comes to their careers.   NewsChannel 10 found out what's coming between vets and making a good living in Amarillo.

Infantry skills don't match a lot of jobs in Amarillo.   One veterans representative says that's the trouble with most vets who come to him for help.  But we did catch up with one job-seeking vet who learned some good news today.  Julian Mirelez now has something to smile about.  "An opening in an armory sounds like that's right up my alley, I mean I was in charge of first marine division armory so that's more or less what I'm looking for."

Panhandle Work Source linked him to a Pantex job opening today.  And this former Marine knows jobs like that are hard to find. "There's not a whole lotta jobs out there that you can apply your military expertise to as far as carrying weapons and doing your patrols and stuff like that. Not in Amarillo."  Terry Bentley of Panhandle Work Source notes vets "have different skill sets and they have different requirements because they do want a challenging career. They don't just want something they can go do and be in production all day long."

Bentley says he sees about 70 vets a week who need help finding a job.  Mirelez insists despite disappointment with previous jobs he has held in amarillo, he'll stay in town until he finds a good one.  If you're a veteran looking for work, or an employer looking to hire vets, you can get the word out by calling Panhandle Work Source at 372-5521.  Or click on the links for more employment information.