Sorrowful Father's Day

Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia
Gabriel Xaviar Garcia
Gabriel Xaviar Garcia

An Amarillo newborn dies after fighting to stay alive for two days, that's after his mother was involved in car accident where the baby had to be delivered by an emergency c-section.

The baby's father shares the little time he had with his son in this NewsChannel 10 exclusive. Sunday was supposed to be a day of celebration since it was Francisco Garcia's first father's day.

Instead, he's spending the day in sorrow grieving the loss of his first child.

"He was eight pounds12 ounces, 21 inches long, and every doctor said he was the healthiest baby they have ever seen,"says Francisco Garcia, who recently lost his newborn son.

But newborn Gabriel Xaviar Garcia would not remain healthy. Two days after his mother was involved in this accident Thursday afternoon, which caused her to have an emergency c-section, he died.

"Late last night my wife, our pastor and I went up there and he gave up the fight, passed away. It's going to make Carly and I stronger and we're going to try and pick the pieces up and go on. It's going to be hard, but I think Gabriel is in a better place and watching over the other babies in the hospital now,"says Garcia.

Francisco says Gabriel suffered several seizures and internal injuries. Although it was difficult to let go, he says he did not want his only child to be in pain any longer.

"I had spoke with him before and I told him it was ok to give up and to go ahead and go with God."

While Gabriel passed away Saturday evening, Francisco knew father's day would be difficult.

"I don't feel celebrated, I wish I could hold him right now and do an interview on him but whether he's here or not, I'll always think about him. He's my son, he always will be," says Garcia.

Francisco says they have hired a lawyer and will prepare for their son's funeral. Meanwhile, Amarillo police continue to investigate the wreck.