S.O.B.E.R. Crackdown

Captain Roger Short, Randall County Sheriff's Office
Captain Roger Short, Randall County Sheriff's Office

While summer means freedom for teens, it also means an increase in underage drinking. Officers now are taking steps to get alcohol off the streets and out of the hands of teens. NewsChannel 10's Alex Tomlin rode along with police to find out what steps they are taking.

In just one weekend out on the streets, the Sheriff's on beat enforcement remedy or S.O.B.E.R. made three arrests, gave thirty citations, and confiscated one hundred bottles of booze!

"It's a program that needs to continue, because it has a really strong affect on the streets, and keeping our streets safe and our kids away from alcohol," said Captain Roger Short for the Randall County Sheriff's Office.

Since the program started in 2000 the rate of teens buying alcohol from a supplier has dramatically dropped in Amarillo from 45% to 10%.

Short says,"The kids learn there are consequences for making bad choices and accountability."

Officers are out patrolling the streets every weekend, but its not just minors they are finding with alcohol, its also adults with open containers in the cars.

"We go out and actively enforce underage drinking laws on the streets, but of course in doing so, we enforce all the drinking laws," Short said.

Short says they have seen a drop in adults drinking and driving since the program started cracking down.

"I know we get a lot more people putting their alcohol in the trunk and taking it home and locking it up, instead of putting it in the front with them and drinking it on the way home," stated Short.

Captain Roger Short hopes the program will continue to grow and be successful.

"It works, its proven it works, and its probably going to be around for a while," Short said.