Rising Gas Prices a Good Thing?

Prices at the pump are still over $3.00 a gallon and while you may be feeling the pain when you fill up, others are hoping the cost for fuel will continue to rise.

NewsChannel 10's Alex Tomlin investigated some benefits to the rising prices and here's what she found out.

Experts are saying the more expensive a gallon of gas becomes, the less drivers will be polluting the atmosphere, and so we'll be better off in the long run.

Chris Helton, who is cutting back on how much he drives says, "Eventually everyone will go to a hybrid car or something, and yeah, it will help the environment."

According the the experts, drivers are more aware of how much gas they are using and are staying off the road as much.

Alicia Pickens agrees and says, "I never thought of [rising gas prices] as a good thing, but it has changed peoples' thinking toward getting more fuel."

And experts also say that driving less can mean less accidents on the roads this summer, since more families will be staying home because of the cost, but not everyone agrees. 

Some people are frustrated with the rising gas prices.  "Somebody's stuffing it all in their pockets, and it ain't us," says Greg Pickens.

Vrboreum Ashely agrees and only drives when he has to: "Every bit of extra money I have goes to gas."

"There is not a good side to high gas [prices], because it allows you to do nothing that you need to do; you can't enjoy summertime," says Jena Anderson.

Whether good or bad, analysts say that rising gas prices is something we will all have to deal with, because there is no sign op prices dropping soon.