FEMA overpaid hurricane victims $485 million

FEMA is now trying to recover an extra 485 million dollars it put in gulf storm victims' pockets. The agency admits some of the money went to people who did not deserve it.

Raul and Elvia Lopez say they're outraged at the abuse of government money. Especially when people like themselves had a hard time proving they were legitimate evacuees. Elvia Lopez says it's wrong that so much fema money fell in the wrong hands. She says the agency needs to change its methods of figuring out who really needs financial aid in an emergency.

"First, they need to be informed, and then they need to check people, and prove who is who."  When the retired Lopez couple left New Orleans for Amarillo, FEMA only agreed to support one of them. "I wasn't on the list of evacuees, I had to fight to get myself on the list," says Raul Lopez.

Six months later FEMA finally added him to their list of people receiving aid.  He says FEMA has never overpaid his family, but if the agency did, he wouldn't keep the money.  "I would give it back because it's not mine." The Lopez family says that's exacty what people who received too much FEMA money should do - give it back.

But they doubt FEMA will ever see the 485 million dollars again.