Eveline River's Sunshine Cottage

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Sunshine Cottage in Amarillo.

Eveline Rivers Sunshine Cottage gives single mothers a chance to earn a college degree.  The program provides all the necessary tools for these moms to be able to attend college.

The program has graduated four moms already, and Rivers hopes to increase that number soon.

Rivers interviews potential candidates, and it does not matter why the parent is single.  They must show responsibility, maintain good grades, and there are several things Rivers looks for.

The girls are given lowered rent, paid utilities, school supplies (even computers), and the program helps with anything the girls need, as long as they are furthering their degree.

The program would like to expand and there are several ways the community can help.

1. Donate Money

2. Donate Time

3. Participate in the Eveline Rivers Home Giveaway.

For more information on how you can help, call 372-3985

Newschannel 10 got a first look at the cottage, and talked with Rivers and some residents about the program.