Illegals still at work at Swift

Federal agents arrested nearly 300 of his co-workers for doing the same thing he's still doing right now.  One illegal worker keeps taking his chances at the Cactus Swift plant, six months after immigration officials raided the place.

A man we'll call "Jose" happened to be at home the day federal agents swarmed the Cactus Swift plant where he works. "I don't have papers and I'm afraid," he tells us. He does still have a job at Swift he says, and he's able to send 400 dollars a month to seven family members in Guatemala.

Something that makes him breathe easier. "I sleep peacefully at night, and i'm comfortable around town." Though many people in Cactus tell us life has returned to normal, some fear an immigration raid might happen there again. "We have to survive, we have to work and i think these people, they run a risk you know, because life is life," says one woman who works with illegals.

Jose says he knows he's probably breaking the law.  But after seven years of living in Cactus, he's grateful for the work, and plans to stay here for good, or at least as long as he can.  A Swift spokesman tells us the company has never knowingly hired illegal workers.