Firefighters Memorial Service

Today, firefighters from across the state, came to Amarillo to pay tribute to their colleague's, who passed away last year.  More than 600 firefighters from across the state came to the Amarillo Ccivic Center, to pay homage to 104 comrades from 80 different organizations.

Not only firefighters, but the public showed up to honor Phillip Wayne Townsend, who was killed in the line of duty, when a building collapsed on him.

Even with these causualties, officials say they count this year as a success. Executive director of the state firefighters association, Chris Barron said, "We actually are on a good streak believe it or not, we normally see 7 to 11 fallen firefighters killed in the line of duty. Firefighters are becoming safer with their operations and fighting fire."

This is the 131st year the organization has come together to celebrate their own, and the first year since 1996 that Amarillo has hosted the event.