Drowning at Lake Meredith

Tragedy at the lake again. A 19-year-old from Dumas drowns at Lake Meredith. His body pulled from the waters late this afternoon. NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente is following this story. This is the first fatality at Lake Meredith in ten years, so officials are trying to piece together exactly what happened, while those who witnessed it are trying to cope.

"Our dispatch received a call of a person struggling in the water," says Dane Tantay, Lake Meredith Chief Ranger.

A day of fun in the sun turns tragic.

"There's a guy swimming out there. I see his arms and legs kicking in the water, his brother started screaming for somebody to help him. There was nothing I could do, I felt bad," says an eyewitness. A dive team arrived and finally found the 19 year old hispanic man's body after searching for almost thirty minutes. "Unfortunately they were not successful in restoration of the individual," says Tantay.

"I saw his hands and a couple of minutes later I saw a hand come up, then it went back down. I didn't see anything else, he didn't come back up," says the eyewitness.

At this time, officials are still trying to determine what caused the teen to drown and are now urging everyone to be careful when heading out to the lake.

"Very unfortunate accident, especially with the Greenbelt accident. It's very unfortunate our prayers are with the families. At this time of year its warm out and people want to be out swimming. Our message is for the public is to keep an eye on their surroundings, know your limitations, and to keep an eye on there small ones," says Tantay.

The Chief Ranger also mentioned the teen had eaten about half an hour before going to swim so he says he may have cramped up which could have caused him to struggle in the water. An autopsy will be performed to help with the drowning investigation.