Potter County Being Sued

Scott Brumley, Potter County Attorney
Scott Brumley, Potter County Attorney

The Potter County Auditor is now roped into a lawsuit with the county over $12,000 in unpaid fees. NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg has the story of what stirred the lawsuit. Allison, Bass and Associates want Potter County Auditor Kerry Hood to pay up, or duke it out in court. They are not only suing her as the auditor, they are also suing her as an individual.

It all stems from the unpaid legal fees to Allison, Bass and Associates of Austin. They represented the county in an investigation into it's Road and Bridge Department last year. Employees were accused of misusing public equipment on private land. But the case never made it past a grand jury. The Austin firm was never paid because County Auditor Kerry Hood felt doing so was not in the county's interest.

The Amarillo-based lawyer now representing the Austin firm says Hood is being sued individually because she is the one stopping the payment, although the commissioners court approved it. After six months of refusing to pay, county officials expected this lawsuit to surface.

"I don't think it's a surprise and perhaps to some involved it may even be something of a relief that at least now we'll get it over with," says Scott Brumley, Potter County Attorney.

We're told if Hood pays the bill before July 2nd Allison, Bass and Associates will drop the lawsuit. Monday the commissioners court will decide who will represent the county in this case. Then the lawsuit will proceed like any other.

"My hope now is that it doesn't wind up costing the county or miss hood a great deal of money," says Brumley.

Allison, Bass and Associates represents counties on a regular basis. We're told this is the first time they have ever had to sue a county to try and get paid for their services.