Bee Problem for Randall County Couple

A neighborhood in Randall County is all a buzz over what's going on in one couple's backyard.

Hundreds of uninvited guests have moved in and the residents want to get rid of them.

It's an un-bee-lievable sight.

"They're coming in and out of that hole in that barrel," says Frank Anders.

Bees... invading this couple's backyard.

"There's hundreds of them," he says.

The Anders first noticed all of these bees back on monday they say everyday the swarm just keeps getting bigger. The worry here -- is that these guys will get aggressive.

"I'm concerned about the bees because i dont want to get attacked by them," says Anders.

"We have a lot of swarming type insects that are very active," says Carl Patrick.

Carl Patrick is an insect expert.

He tells us this area is no stranger to bees... even killer ones.

"We have both africanized and honey bees in the area. Once they establish a hive they become very defensive," says Patrick

"They're starting to build a hive inside the barrel," says Anders.

"If they have a hive they need to get rid of it," says Patrick.

And that's a message for anyone battling with bees.

Don't do it yourself, call an expert...

And remember... this time of year...

"You just have to be a little more aware we've got an aggressive bee out here, know that and get used to it," says Patrick.

The Anders are hoping that won't be the case for them...

They want someone to get rid of this swarm... and soon.