Update: Search For Boy At Lake Greenbelt Continues

"We'll continue till we find something", Donley County Sheriff Butch Blackburn
"We'll continue till we find something", Donley County Sheriff Butch Blackburn

48 hours, still no sign of him. The search for a missing four year old Amarillo boy believed to have drowned in Lake Greenbelt  near Clarendon continues right now.

Divers and search teams are still looking for Ethan Veale. Using every means available to find him. But they say time is running out to rescue him alive.

Working around the clock to find the missing child, Donley County Sheriff Butch Blackburn says, "We'll continue till we find something".

This evening marks three nights since the boy was last seen in the lake. Rescue efforts have been on going for more than 40 hours now. It was wednesday when the frantic 9-1-1 call came in. The family said the boy was blown deep into the lake and they could not reach him.

"Winds blowing approximately 28 mph. The wind just caught the little flotation device and took him out further than anyone could possibly swim to, faster than anyone could swim. And then the boy fell off the flotation device" Blackburn said.

Seven organizations from across the state joined the search, with everything from helicopters and divers, to sonar and search dogs. Blackburn says, "As long as we have divers willing to dive, we are going to dive, i just don't know how long those resources are going to last"

Ethan was not wearing a life vest in the water according to the sheriff's department. Something greenbelt lake does not require unless the child is on a motorized boat. But blackburn says they recommend parents take the extra precautions. "Of course anybody, like a child should be wearing a life jacket in this lake"

Divers will be coming out of the water at sunset, but Blackburn says they will still continue to search on foot through the night.