Softball Fever in Amarillo

The first season of Amarillo's recreational softball league is just winding up.  Newschannel 10 set out to find out how many people were playing and why the league is doing so well.

According to Amarillo Athletic Supervisor Jan Edwards, there will be 740 teams playing in the league this year over the two seasons.  That means 13,500 people will lace up the cleats to play this year alone. "There is not a lot for youth to do in the area, and we're cheap", said Edwards.

Teams cost $325, which is only up from $220 in 1980, and you play 12 games plus playoffs.  This fee totally covers the cost of the league.  Anyone can play, but kids 15 & under must have guardian permission to join a team.  The league was started in 1976.

We caught up with a few players and others during playoff time, to find out what was making this such a popular hobby.